Monday, September 10, 2012

Spring Bouquet

Spring Bouquet is a pattern I picked up at the Houston show a couple or so years ago. Really wanted to finish the Baltimore Blue top before starting it. Now that the Balitmore Blue is on the frame I can start this applique project. I am trying really really hard to use up stash. I have enough white on white and off whites to use as the 9 backgrounds for the applique. I will pull as much for the flowers etc from stash as I possibly can. when it comes time for sashing, borders, etc I will go shopping as I doubt I have anything in enough quantity that will match. But for now the stash will go down a little.

Here is the first block glued down. All that has been sewn is the red center and the yellowy orange under the red. Everything else is just glued in place. It has nice big pieces so far. Nice change from the Baltimore Blue.

I am also sorta kinda maybe (lol) thinking about doing some diamonds by hand piecing. I bought the book Quilted Diamonds 2 by Linda Franz many moons ago. It has the 2 hour dvd. I have considered working on that to use up some stash too. I will watch the dvd (assuming I can find where I placed it lol) again and decide. Ok, here is the block!

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