Friday, September 7, 2012

Baltimore Blue Top Finished!

I started this quilt quite a few years ago. It is hand appliqued and I have worked on it, put it aside, worked on it, put it aside, many many times. I just put the final border on and have the backing fabric in the dryer as I type. Hubby and son set up the hand quilt floor frame (had to use the long rails!) and the batting is relaxing in the sewing room. So probably tonight (or more likely tomorrow) I will put the quilt on the frame and hopefully take a few first stitches. I have not totally decided how I will quilt it but I will take my time and make decisions as I go. I have plenty of time, as this is for me. Haven't rushed the applique and have no plans to rush the quilting. The top measures about 67" square. Nice size.  Here are pictures.

Edited: Do to problems with pictures I am not replacing these. There are newer posts with pictures of this quilt.

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