Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Update on Cindy

Before I moved to the other blog site, I had made a quilt for someone our oldest daughter Keri worked with who had cancer. Sad to report she died a few months after I made the quilt for her.

Noah's Ark

Here is the baby quilt I did for a lady where hubby works.

Bear Heads

Here is a baby quilt that I made for someone at hubby’s office.

Care Bears

These were two simple quilts I worked on this week for a friend of Leslie’s little girl.

The first quilt I ever made!

Sorry I can’t make the picture bigger or clearer. This quilt is for my youngest daughter Kaci. I started it many years ago and worked on it for quite a while. We found a kit of precut triangles that she liked the colors but not the pattern they had it in. Was sorta supposed to be a pinwheel. So I sewed all the triangles together and then made a kinda around the world, though at the time I had no clue that was what it was called lol. There are about 400 squares in this quilt made up of triangles. I hand quilted hearts in each of those blocks. It seemed like it took forever lol. I learned alot from doing this quilt though. And she really likes it so it was worth all the problems of putting those triangles together.
Just remember if my first quilt could be made from all triangles, you can do anything if you try !

Flower Basket Quilt

This was the first project I did with Quilt Campus as a Let’s Applique project.
It was a quick easy project and isn’t it cute?
I used all scraps which is great! It was done many years ago as you can see by the camera date lol.

Some Patterns LIE!

This is a paper pieced pattern I got off of a web site. It SAID it was a pattern for a 12″ block. But it is really 13″. Not funny people!

An Old Project Started back up.

This is the block from the Baltimore Blue Quilt from .  When I got the patterns they were a block of the month. I have 4 of the blocks appliqued. This is block 6. I started block 5, didn’t like the pattern for that block and put it aside till the others are done. Then I will decide if I am doing it the way it is designed or making up my own design for that block. I checked the site for a picture of the pattern, but it is so old it is not there anymore.  If I think about it later I will get out the four blocks that are all done and take pictures to post.
Anyway on this block one flower is sewn already along with one leaf.