Thursday, June 11, 2009

One of my daughters is quilting!

While my youngest daughter learned to quilt (and still does a little sometimes) while we were homeschooling, my other two daughters haven't really shown an interest. Well the oldest was living 900 miles away so that may have been part of it lol. Anyway Keri (oldest) has decided to try quilting. And she is loving it!! I am so happy. I want to know that someone in our family will continue to quilt after I am gone. There will be more babies as these grandchildren get older and they will need quilts!

Anyway here is a picture of one of the blocks she has machine appliqued. She is having a long time friend come in from out of town this weekend so we will be starting the quilting process next week. I will of course post a picture of the finished project as soon as it is done.