Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A very amazing and humble man

While at the Houston Quilt Show I spent a little time with a most amazing man. His name is Ricky Tims. I am sure most of you have heard of him. I saw him on Simply Quilts a few years ago and loved his easy going ways, both in attitude and quilting. He freed me up to know that it was ok to not always use a ruler. Amazingly freeing. But I digress. See what I found out after spending some time with him in Houston is how amazingly humble he is. And what an amazing musician he is. And how wonderful his hand dyed fabrics are when you see them in person. But as each new person came to the booth ( I helped cover his booth for short periods of time and also worked the cd table at his concert), I saw just how truly humble he is. That endeared me to him forever.

Now I would ask you to do something for me. Listen to the song (it is the title of the new cd) below. If you think it is as amazing as I do, then go to the website and order a copy for yourself and one or more for presents. Also check out the picture of me with Ricky. He was being silly for me and I have to tell you he is so much fun!

Ok I have kept you waiting long enough lol.

First the picture.

Now the song.