Sunday, January 3, 2016

Stash busting?

Is it really possible? To end up with less fabric after a project than you had before? I aim to find out this year.

Here are the "rules" I have set for myself.

Before buying any fabric other than backings and sometimes backgrounds,  I have to search through ALL my fabric in all the holding places, some in plain sight, alot not in plain sight. If there is nothing that will work, I can buy exactly how much I think I will need. NO EXTRA even if I love it. (that will be the hard part).

I must make a dent in my many yards of Ricky Tims hand dyes. Those are the fabrics I have a hard time cutting into.

I must add the leftover fabrics from my Baltimore Blue quilt to the stash and stop saving it for something special.

How will I reward myself if I stick to it? Well I will buy more fabric of course silly. LOL. At least then I will have a place to store it.

Check out A Quarter Inch from the Edge . She started it lol.


Hard to believe another year is over! Onward to 2016!

Today my slow stitching project is my hexie project. I have thought about trying inklingo for a really long time after seeing how well it worked for Karen over at Karen's Quilts. Finally about a month ago I bit the bullet and downloaded one of the hexie sets. So far (I have 3 done so far) I really like it. I enjoy hand piecing and really didn't like hexies when whip stitching and using EPP. I know alot of people love it, I am just not one of them. The printing on fabric scared me but Karen over the last year or so answered alot of questions for me and it is really easier than I thought it would be. Here are a couple of pictures of the project I am planning on working on this year. Since I have alot of other projects going also it will be a long term project.

First picture is the one I am working on right now. It will be the red one in the second picture. I have 2 of the first row flowers done and one of the jacks looking one on the second row finished.

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