Friday, August 31, 2012

Can I finally bring myself to do it?

You are probably thinking do what? And you are probably coming up with all sorts of ideas lol. Here is my problem. I have 21 yards of Ricky Tims hand dyed fabrics. I have had some of them for about 4 years. I haven't been able to cut into them so far. They are just to special lol. Just as he is. Here is the pattern I would like to use them in ( I think lol).

The Baltimore Blue applique is coming along nicely and I may finish most or all of that this weekend. I really need to get something else ready. I may spend some of the time preparing for this next quilt. Wish me luck and leave me encouragement to cut into this fabric finally. How do you do it when you just think the fabric is to pretty and special to use? Any hints will be greatly appreciated.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sooner or later we have to cut! I had a special piece set aside for over a year before I decided what to do with it - no sense just hanging on to it :)

Shirley Tener said...

My advice would keep doing what your doing because its gorgeous. I cant wait to see how you start this, I am always scared to slash in a stash.. keep us posted.