Monday, July 15, 2013


At least for the next few days life seems to be slowing down enough that I actually made it into the sewing room this weekend to cut some fabric!

My friend in Texas had surgery and I spent a few days there caring for her. Came home, got things sorta in the neighborhood of normal again and a friend here had surgery. So I spent a few nights at the hospital caring for her. We are waiting to hear if they will have to go back in and remove a screw that is loose in her back. If so I may be at the hospital again for a few nights if her daughter can't make it in from Tennessee. Now my friend from Texas' mother is in the hospital. Enough already!

Anyway here is the beginnings of my oldest grandson's Christmas present. No fear of him reading my quilting blog and his mom knows about it already lol.

He is a huge Saints fan so I chose those colors and the music fabric is because he plays the saxophone and has since he was in 5th grade.

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