Sunday, June 3, 2007

A great place to visit online

If you are ever are looking for a wonderful quilting site to visit, hop on over to There is alot going on there. I am an op there in the live chat room. It is a safe fun place for chatting about quilting and there are many fun projects going on. There is Bingo, where you actually win fat quarters, Let's Applique, where you get free fun patterns and help with learning to applique, or just encouragement when you need it. Around November we do Bits and Pieces, that is where you send in pictures and updates of UFO's you have hanging around, earn points and possibly prizes. This month Quilt Campus is 2 years old! We are having a birthday party in the chat room. Click on over and read all about it. There will be prizes, and lots of fun. We chat about all kinds of things. When ever you are in the chat room (there is lots going on at the website, not just chatting) and see someone with an @ in front of their name, that indicates that an op is on duty. We keep the chat room safe from people who don't belong there. The room is rated G and we watch for people who would come in and disturb our chatters.

There is also quilt classes going on through the channel with nationally known teachers. Check it out and let me know how you like it.

I will be posting some pictures of finished projects I did through the chat room and also some I have done on my own.

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